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Medical School event at Siam University


The Faculty of Medicine, Siam University had been one of the most efficient in terms of teaching and practical aspects of classroom work amongst other Thai Universities. It is on this note that it has made giant strides in attracting a number of dignitaries within and outside its disciplines.

On this occasion, Siam University had also welcomed the new Director and administrator of police at the police department of medical science. It is well understood that the University’s outgone medical students are all doing well in this field. Hence, the University has found it necessary to invite relevant personalities to also boost the morale of both the students and University staffs who are very committed to giving their best in learning and teaching respectively.

The various programs scheduled by the University such as taking the students on excursion to visit places that will boost their experiences in medical field have always been the target of the University. Just in October 2014, Siam Medical students were well represented in the birthday of king Rama V who had made notable achievements in establishing medical schools in Thailand during his reign.

One good thing to note about the Siam University’s readiness to partner with other medical schools in Asia is its sustainable and reliable facilities available at its closets. This ensures that students are taught in the most practical way befitting of medical discipline. Most of the instructors in the medicine department of Siam University are renowned professional in the field of medicine.

The President of Siam University had on this occasion grounded the Visitor about the progress and the readiness of the University to train more qualified specialists and doctors. Adopting modern equipment that would give the best practical approach to learning is a necessity if knowledge is to be sustained in the field of medicine in Siam University.

There was also motivational speech from Visitor who praised the University for all its Efforts at training highly qualified medical practitioners. Of course, this visit had inspired the students who expressed their heartfelt gratitude during the occasion. The Visitor was also presented with some gifts by Siam University family in appreciation of gestures of solidarity with the university through his visit.


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