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Lecture topics – social responsibility


Social responsibility is the tendency of a collective initiative that will foster development in a given society. It is an obligation for well-disciplined and dedicated citizens to perform in promoting the affairs of the people for the benefit of the entire society. Most of the times, it requires assiduous sacrifices which often do not result to any reward in return. Social responsibility, health wise increases the lifespan of individuals who have truly experienced the real meaning of a communitarian lifestyle.

Here, Siam University arranged a lecture session for pharmacy students at the University’s convention room. The lecturers were teaching the newly inducted students the necessary sacrifices both individually and collectively are expected of them in the society. The teachers also reminded them of the real symbol of their choice of study to the society. During the course of this session, certain videos that contained several communitarian works and activities were appropriately shown to the students in reminiscence of what have been taught and lectured about Social Responsibility. There were presentations of awards to the awardees in this grief, but essential academic session to empower other students who haven’t yet considered in participating for any charitable and selfless works for the society.

Thailand as of the most communitarian and collective societies encourages a greater sense of social responsibility. It is one of the major topics discussed and taught in Thai schools, especially higher institutions, and students are expected to pay greater attention to such significant subject-matter. Siam University continuously offers academic programs and training for her students to be intellectually nurtured in order to understand the essence of social responsibility in a society. Due to this “Social Instigation,” Siam University had deployed students from various departments into communitarian voluntary activities and simultaneously pledged to dispense some scholarships to students who show such vital dedication to community works.

There is no exception that Siam University students understand the paramount of social responsibility to the society, and this thought will constantly live with the students both inside and outside of the campus.

There is a conspicuous indication that Siam University in its versatile nature offers numerous opportunities for her students to participate in selfless activities required of them as good citizens. Siam University consistently encouraged students to be well-disciplined individuals which will enable them to develop a greater sense of social responsibility that will suit people from all walks of life in any given society.

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