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Japanese for Communication – Siam University


It has always been a tradition for Japanese language faculty to formally organize an induction ceremony for the newly admitted students of the Faculty. In line with this tradition, the faculty for Japanese language studies on the 22nd of July 2015 formally welcomed the newly admitted students of the faculty.

The staff members of the Japanese language faculty, the new students and some of the old students were in attendance in a forum organized to mark this year’s induction episode. At the induction ceremony, the newly admitted students were formally introduced to the staff members of the faculty.

The faculty of Japanese language studies was created in Siam University in a bid to assist students who desire to practice and learn how to communicate in Japanese language. Fortunately, Japanese language happens to be one of the most popular languages in the whole of Asia and beyond. And, it has extensions of its language academy in virtually all Asian countries.

In a short orientation that preceded the induction, the newly admitted students were inundated with the organogram of Japanese language faculty and its modus operandi. They were made to receive first-hand overview of the courses that would be studied in their first year and the teaching methods to be applied thereof; which include the use of audio-visual conversational tapes.

The lecturers took turns in motivating the new students to focus on achieving their academic ambitions in the faculty. The Lecturers further advised that students’ personal efforts and cooperation was needed in other to achieve their individual academic goals in the faculty.

The instructors present at the induction ceremony had hinted that studying Japanese as a means of communication would not be easy if the students did not make enough committed effort to learn along during class room lessons. Therefore, rapt attention and patience was demanded of these new students in other to learn in the faculty.

As a follow up, The Faculty head had charged the new students to trust their Lecturers’ capabilities as Siam University has invested heavily in bringing quality instructors for the benefits of its students.

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