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Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) of Thailand


Internal Quality Assurance is a scheme set up by the office of higher education. This year’s Internal Quality Assurance Scheme was held in Siam University. This is in keeping with the National education act 1999 which says that higher education has to be evaluated and properly assessed. IQA therefore recommends a self-assessment and auditing of the activities of the universities on a yearly basis.

This is close effort from Ministry of Higher Education in maintaining the educational standards of the Universities. This scheme prescribes rules and regulations which in turn serve as the basis upon which the universities must work with. The Universities are expected to compile their reports for Ministry’s assessment.

The Ministry of higher education ensures that all the components of the IQA are adhered to by the universities by carefully studying the reports submitted to it by various universities.

IQA has about 9 components. One of the components of IQA requires that the Universities should make a self-assessment report and auditing. Of course the reports made by various Universities are sent to the officer of higher education yearly through their database.

The IQA scheme is organized from time to time to ascertain continuous running of the education system at a level acceptable by the Ministry. Proper evaluation of the higher education is very necessary to give the much needed credibility to the higher education system. Besides, it will also instill some confidence in the education sector that the system itself would not be subject to decay.

IQA is very compulsory for Universities in other to guarantee that the system continues to operate according to set policy standards. Siam University has had a considerable track record of active participation in IQA for more than 10 years. It has from time to time audited and sent reports of its general administration processes yearly to the Ministry of Higher Education.

Previous IQA reports from Siam University have suggested that there is still need for further retraining of university staffs. It has also suggested that there is need for refurbishing of the system to be able to fully guarantee the satisfaction of educational needs.

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