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IAU global event discussion in Montreal Canada


IAU is a short acronym for International Association of Universities. It is an association that embodies universities who agree to come together in order to achieve a common purpose. Their basic purpose is to constantly improve the structures and programs for higher institutions of learning.

Siam University is currently an active member of IAU. The President of Siam University Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit attended IAU meeting in Montreal Canada. Dr. Pornchai is also the Vice President of International Association of Universities.

This meeting hosted top professors of various Universities around the world. The main objective of this meeting is to fashion out various ways of improving higher education system for sustainable changes in it’s system of learning.

This meeting also addressed the issue of how trust will be rebuilt and renewed in the University system once more. The issue of rebuilding trust in education system is important because majority of the people are often led to think that attending higher education is no longer necessary. This wrong ideology should be re-addressed by rebuilding trust necessary for the sustenance of the system.

The association had also discussed the possibility of complete overhaul of tenure system in University administration which is necessary for recognizing new roles and new environments for higher education system. This will in turn seek to accommodate new educational structures for University education. Higher Education system therefore needs to be re-adjusted from time to time to meet the challenges posed by globalization and modernization. In the face of this reality, therefore, the Universities under IAU have continued to re-adjust and improve on the existing educational system. Systemic educational re-adjustment will ever be continuous as new realities continue to emerge.

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