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IAQ/ANQ Symposium 2013 in Bangkok


The 2nd IAQ, International Academy for Quality (IAQ), USA, and Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Symposium was held at Siam University on October 17th, 2013.

This symposium topic was “New Quality Education Initiative in Asia Oceania” and was supported by Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI). The 1st IAQ/ANQ Symposium 2012 in Hong Kong, which dealt with the topic of “Quality and Sustainability in Education of Asia Oceania”, is followed by the 2nd IAQ/AQN Symposium 2013 in Bangkok. Based on the fruitful Panel Discussion in the previous year “How can we contribute to a significant improvement of quality and sustainability in Education of Asia Oceania?” significant results could meanwhile be achieved. In this year, the symposium relating to the topic of “New Quality Education Initiative in Asia Oceania” will be continued. In the 1st part, the first results since the 1st symposium will be presented. In the 2nd part, collaboration and ongoing cycles of action in the ANQ region among new quality organization networks will be initiated in order to continue to drive successful work done by the IAQ Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT) in the ANQ region.

The symposium was conducted half day, filled with participants from Europe, Asia and Pacific region.

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