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Higher Education Cooperation in ASEAN After the Integration


Panel discussion topic “Higher Education Cooperation in ASEAN After the Integration “Chair by Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President of Siam University.

ASEAN Integration as one of the heart-throbbing topics now in the South-East Asian region. This initiative of collaboration with neighboring countries and other countries located around the same geographical region had prompted concerns regarding the readiness of each and every allied country respectively. Research centers and associations had consulted researchers to research on the need for ASEAN Integration and also to understand the intricacy of regional political, educational, economical cordial of the allied countries, and the impacts on its various motives of interest. Thus, this academic assembly is to bring and measure the interests of the ASEAN countries in order to produce an equilibrium level of interest and parity. Various higher institutions under ASEAN had gone within themselves to organize seminars regarding the idea of today’s subject matters that surrounds the South-East Asian nations of trading economic difficulties and a sustainable development.

Under the AUAP’s academic missions and visions of Job and study opportunities, institutions are advised to be the panel of both academic and economic strategies that will render assiduous supports for the fulfilment and smooth-running of the ASEAN Integration. The AUAP forum on “AUAP 20 Years-Higher Education Cooperation in ASEAN after the Integration” will systematically examine ways in which colleges and universities can work together among themselves and with higher education institutions beyond ASEAN in order to realize their dreams of turning this region of Asia and the Pacific into an economic powerhouse within the next two decades.

This is why AUAP had capitalized the opportunity to offer a strategy for institution to execute by organizing a meeting for Higher Institutions on 29th of July, 2015 to discuss the academic benefits of South-East Asian Nations if they possibly support and move for ASEAN Integration.

Siam University in every possible ways has collided with other accredited universities within the ASEAN to offer courses and consult researchers regarding the integration of ASEAN. Siam University as one of the oldest and largest private universities, always come out first to support collaboration amongst Institutions in the process of Academic Broadness.

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