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Higher Education Commissioner Team Visited Siam University


Receiving the Higher Education Commissioner Team Visited Siam University for Best Practice Cases.

On the 28 of September 2015 Siam University received the higher education commissioner and his delegation to inspect the university’s facilities and other possible inspections.

During the course of this inspection, the Higher Education commissioner and his delegation were delicately patrolled around the university in a retrospective, but conscious manner to survey and scan the university body, including the staff, the students and the facilities by the University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit.

The Higher Education Commission with its high zest of academic excellence had continuously encouraged higher institutions to constantly subscribe to cutting-edge technologies and other devices for easier and communicable learning pattern.

The Higher Education Commission body hopes to re-structure the academic settings into a more advanced level, which will pave way to improve the quality of research and teaching, social and economic development.

It is very important for every system because it will go a long way in holistic training of individual personality. Wholeness in personality formation considers every aspect of human personality in social, cultural and religious respects. Hence, the concept of education must be holistic; one which will incorporate the above aspects. It is with this understanding, that Siam University has made several efforts in these areas to forge students who will become complete Persons with fully realized potentials in the future.


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