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Health Care Campaign by Siam University Students


On 7th of June 2015, Siam University Students organized a special healthcare awareness campaign. This is a grassroots based campaign embarked by the students to put across to the mind of the public that public health care is a basic human right for all people. Quality healthcare should as a matter of fact, remain a matter of primary concern for the entire human race. However, through this campaign, students of Siam University were promoting good health in the society.

The campaign involved discovering of various medicinal plants within the environs which would effective in curing and preventing a number of ailments. It may be very surprising that the majority of the people do not acknowledge the medicinal importance of some roots and herbs even within our environs. The importance of this campaign would therefore go far in educating the people on how to identify these important leaves and to guard them jealously in our environment.

The students also visited the old and the sick, and were able to offer some medical counseling to them. Of course, this was a gesture made with the intention of identifying with the sick and the old people in the community.

One of the major challenges of this healthcare campaign program was non-availability of medical experts for grassroots sensitization and the continuous slack in the number of experts that carry out this task. Hence, the importance of such grassroots healthcare programs as embarked by Students is well adapted to this need at the moment.

However, student nurses who had embarked on this campaign were in the future expected to emerge as trained professionals in health coaching, chronic disease management, transitional care, prevention activities, quality improvement, and, including first aid.

In essence, healthcare campaign benefits the society in a substantial way. It equally benefits the students who had added some practical experience in the healthcare field.

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