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Golden Anniversary Dinner


The glimmering faces and broadened smiles, the rolling eyes and glistening teeth that brace the atmosphere as Siam University staff members prepares for another golden anniversary dinner for a successful year of excellence and progress.

Golden anniversary dinner is a special gathering for all the staff members of Siam University which is organized annually. This feast has become part of the University tradition for a long time. It is a golden opportunity for the president to empower the staff from all three institutions in the system to which Siam University belong to ensure a brighter future ahead.

This memorable dinner marked the 50th anniversary of Siam University since its establishment in 1965 by Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit. Siam University president Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and the staff members utilized this gracious gathering to review the past and refill the energy for a brighter future.

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