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Siam University member of Global University Network for Innovation

Siam University member of Global University Network for Innovation
Siam University is an institution that leads and supports the social and economic development of Thailand and the region. The goals is to use educational innovation and state-of-the-art technology to supply its students with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed at their career life, as well as to produce and disseminate knowledge to the society by taking into consideration the social responsibility.

Main Activities

To produce graduates in the field of health science, physical science, technology, social science and humanities. Other activities involved are to promote research, extend educational services, and concentrate on national cultural preservation through close cooperation with local communities and industries.

Highlights on innovative projects on higher education Opening up higher education to society. We use the concept of University as the laboratory of the Society in order to link the University within the community. Efforts have been made to open up the university teaching courses and other activities to the community by the virtue of Information Technology. We believe that knowledge can be effectively developed and deploy by using the concept of University as a Social Enterprise and open learning space.

During the November – December 2011, our University student help the local community by reaching to them with daily supplies.

Higher education’s contribution to sustainability

Siam University promotes global awareness and responsibility among its students and staff. The university offers green environmental study and green lab as a part of general education for student’s regarding of their disciplines of study. Sufficiency Economy is also offered as a subject course in our general education aiming at promoting senses of responsible consumption among our students. Moreover, we also have the policy that the University itself should act as the role model in environmental management. The concept of this sustainability is under three main objectives to provide Knowledge, Engagement & Higher Education under Sustainability concept. The Siam University provides visibility and critically examined one of the most significant trends: the growth of the theory and practice of engagement as a key feature in the evolution of higher education. This is performed with the approach to challenge the engagement by higher education institutions in the larger society in an integrated manner: it had explored ways in which engagement enhances teaching, learning and research; it also had approached engagement in ways that accept the multiple sites and epistemologies of knowledge, as well as the reciprocity and mutuality in learning and education through engagement. We teach how university-community engagement evolves nowadays and proposed to go beyond by offering new visions and ways for the future. And we also invite the international academic community to jointly analyze how to build transformative knowledge to drive social change.
During the flood, our Nursing student’s performing the medical check up to old age.

Our Student’s received the Young Entrepreneur award during Service Learning course for Plantation at Province in Thailand

Our University received the best award under project of Environmental sustainability

Social responsibility of higher education
Siam University promotes diversity and mutual respect of different faith and ideology through various means and activities. We are the first university in the country that celebrated the International Day of Peace. Moreover, we are also the first and the only university in the country which offers degree program of Peace studies. This program has got the recognition as well as financial support from UMAP. Building Peace, Well-being and Sustainability are three important pillars of the education offered by Siam University.

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