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Game Day Awards


Game day is a departmental activity mostly participated in by the Business faculty students. It is an extracurricular activities usually organized by the department to basically allow the students fresh moments to socialize with the environment and with one another. The game holds between 2 to 3 days annually. Normally, the last day was always scheduled for giving of awards.

The game also features Students from other faculties who were interested in participating. The Participants donned uniformed attires for the event which made it look more organized and similar to most in-campus university events. The students participated in many indoor sporting activities which was fun.

The Participating Students had confessed their joy over this game event as it opens them up to more understanding of human social nature. They have been very active during this event which had rather signaled the extent to which they understood and appreciate it.

However, the gaming event had proved to be more successful in building social networks among the students. The purpose behind organizing this game was to bring more unity within the students and in their faculties.

However, the Games were accompanied by other activities like the marketing of T-shirts and bangles products. This was deliberately done just to coach the students who are studying Business administration on some of the practical aspects relating to their course of study.

The giving of awards was a moment of highlight in this event. However, awards’ giving was merely to remind and encourage the students that every positive struggle in life has a good reward. Hence, the deep meaning attached to the giving of awards at game events as this would merely teach the students that hard work is necessary for success. If one wishes to earn a good living, one should work hard to achieve it.

Every participating Student on game day at least received an award for active participation. However, Students through this event had realized that there are other aspects of human nature that are not taught in a classroom. The Students have really craved for this event. Not until after this gaming event, had they realized how better they had been exposed and taught especially in human social behaviors.

The students in the end used the forum to appreciate the University hierarchy for giving them the opportunity to express their social nature through games. However, they discovered that learning activities ought not to be limited to classroom work. Gaming events would make learning more attractive and active especially for young people.

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