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Field Trip


Field Trip is one of the ways to get students accustomed to real world activities and experience over a period of time in their academic life. The University organizes these trips for students to be enlightened with the rich culture of the country.

Thailand as one of the top tourist destinations has a variety of cultural institutions, including art, natural history, and science museums, as well as theaters, zoos, and historical sites to offer for those who might be interested in adventures, and there are still many places yet to be explored. The University is equally, wholeheartedly and willing to offer the students the necessary opportunity for them to visit exciting places in the country at their convenient leisure time. Taking the students to trip is an additional curricular activity, and students must carry out before their graduation at Siam University.

Universities exist not only to instill the student’s educational requirements, they need to prepare for their future career or provide them with useful skills for their successful future ambitions. Thus, the Universities endured the expense and disruption of providing and sponsoring field trips for students because they have foreseen the advantageous impacts. Some students may not be opportune to go on a trip with their families to these cultural institutions, but here at the Siam University they have every possible means to go on a trip with their fellow students, classmates or peer group.

Students tend to derive enough knowledge from field trips mostly they learn how to work together as a group. These field trips are organized with the intention to develop the students’ sense of responsibility, these effects will compact good qualities expected of the students to be good leaders in their respective future careers. Also, enriching field trips contribute to the development of students into civilized young men and women who are likely to possess more knowledge about cultural heritage of the country, have stronger critical-thinking skills, exhibit increased historical empathy, culturally exposed to a civilized manner, display higher levels of tolerance, and have a greater taste for consuming art and culture.

Siam University pays more attention to ensure that the students’ academic expectation and needs are immensely encountered.

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