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Faculty of Nursing Graduation Ceremony


On the 10th of April, 2015, Siam University marked the epic graduation of its Nursing Students totaling 88 in number. The amazing number of nursing Graduands at the graduation ceremony was a positive sign for the society, especially for the more demanding health sector.

Faculty of Nursing Siam University has been in existence since 1995 and has been in operation since then. Thus, it has graduated over 2000 nursing students who are serving in various ranks in government and private agencies.

However, the University President had congratulated the 4th year nursing students during the ceremony that marked their graduation. He showered encomiums on new Graduates who he said had showed positive signs of commitment, tenacity and patience during their four year studies.

The President Dr. Ponchai Mongkonavit described these Students as very dedicated to their vocation. He has identified nursing as a call. It is rather an important call towards service to the society. Hence their duty could be reckoned as one burdened with selfless service given the amount of time and patience required to listen to Patients.

In further show of appreciation, he had during this period thanked their lecturers immensely for ensuring that Students are well prepared in the classroom to face challenges posed by this call. He commended their Teaching roles as sacrosanct in the nursing faculty of Siam University.

The President during the ceremony officially handed the graduating Students the regalia of Nurses like the nurse’s hair caps with its pining needles. This activity served as a form of ritual to officially welcome the new Nurses to the Nursing profession.

Some Renown Professional Nurses invited during the occasion had themselves welcomed their new Graduands by dressing them in the code befitting of them as Nurses. In the short speech delivered by their representative, they stated that it was a delight to have more Professional Nurses, as demands for professionals in this field was high at the moment.

The graduating students were highly elated at their graduation. They had after the ceremony appreciated all the University staffs and faculties especially the Nursing faculty for turning their life-long dreams into reality. They also promised to remain good ambassadors of the University wherever they were assigned in the future to serve in the society.

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