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Exchange Student Orientation at Siam University


One of the main purposes of orientation at Siam University is to bring the new students closer to the University. Orientations at Siam University are mostly planned in collaboration with academic and student service units who share the responsibility for welcoming new students into the university. It also paves the way for the students to understand the necessity of academic responsibility in the trail of their educational progress.

In this gathering, the newly inductees will meet their academic advisers and create class schedule, and learn other essential information that will help them throughout their stay at Siam University. This gathering will help them make new friends, get settled in no time, and prepare them to begin the academic journey of their life.

At this orientation, the newly inductees were gracefully addressed by the president of Siam University Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and other university staff.

There are specific activities Siam University fulfills during Orientations in order to ease personal and social transition adjustments to be in line with the University environment.

Ø         Introduction of the country:

  • To introduce the country, concepts of multiculturalism and challenge students to understand and appreciate other cultures;

Ø         Introduction to the campus:

  • This enables the new inductees get familiarized with the services at the University that will support their educational goals.
  • Introduction of libraries, computer lab, cafeterias, sports house, academic, and student and visa service departments.

Ø         Introduction to the advisers:

  • Academic advising, placement testing, course selection, and registration.
  • Accurate information, program scheduling, and other support and assistance of the Academic and Student life of the university.

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