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Erasmus+ Mobility Program to Danubius University in Galati, Romania



Erasmus+ Mobility Program History

The Erasmus+ Program is a European Union exchange program that combines the Erasmus Program and its design to include education, training, youth and sports which began in 2014.  Since this program was expanded to include partners outside of the European Union, collaboration on this program began in 2016 between Danubius University of Romania and Siam University in order to promote learning mobility of individuals at Higher Education Institutions.

Erasmus+ Mobility Program Collaboration

Dr. Andy Pusca – Rector of Danubius University and Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit – President of Siam University had been in collaboration talks during visits to each others university and several meetings lead to a partnership for the Erasmus+ Mobility between Romania and Thailand.  Siam University has chosen 3 teachers, 2 staff members and 1 student to participate in the mobility beginning now until May 2018.   Each member of our staff will work closely with members at Danubius University to learn about processes and methods as well as trading knowledge about differences in teaching, learning, and culture.  This exchange will provide each partner valuable insights to each other and the methods they use to transfer knowledge to their students.

Erasmus+ Mobility Exchange and Collaboration

Aj. Vethit Thongchantr is the first staff member of Siam University to visit Danubius University in Galati, Romania.  He began his mobility exchange last week and will be a guest at Danubius University for 10 days.  Working closely with their staff and teachers as well as have opportunities to interact with their students.  Aj. Vethit is a member of Siam University’s Faculty of Communication Arts and is the Head of Digital Media Department and Vice-Director of the Public Relations Department.  He is also sponsored by Nikon and they provided him with some new equipment to complete a project while he visits in Romania.  Not only will Aj. Vethit gain new knowledge to bring back to our staff and students at Siam University during his collaboration period, he will be able to explore and visit sites in the area and complete new work for his career specialty.

Please take a look at some of the photos below from Aj. Vethit’s trip to Romania.


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