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Creative Spark


Creativity roars at its apex, competitions swirling around the entire environment students at their very best dispatched in groups to showcase their talents as well as advertise their greater sense of innovation through the means of practical learning, and participating in activities.

“Creative Spark” is one of the ways to engage students in academic competitions and mastering the keys to moderately perform in public. It is through this means that Siam University students can be intellectually exposed. It is also, another unique way to train and inspire students. It’s an initiative that will enable the students develop and discover their purpose of coming to the University to study. And, it drives them to making a better choice in their future careers.

On the 9th of July, 2015 Siam University students participated in a scheme organized by higher institutions which was called the “Creative Spark”. This scheme came to a reality with the intention to entice the students by encouraging them to be creative and innovative thinkers which will guide them throughout their flourishing years in the campus and serve as a platform to build a better career.

Below are the bulleted points upon this scheme was established;

  • To encourage creativity and innovation;
  • To break all false beliefs in the minds of the students;
  • To suppress the tendency of social anxiety and shyness among the students;
  • To spur up a fading mind to positivity and creativity;
  • To develop highly disciplined individuals who will represent the University in the future;
  • To encourage a greater sense of harmony in working together among the students;
  • To empower the dedicated students who will serve as inspiration to other students;

Siam University actively organizes these activities with the aim to captivate the dedicated students and also, encourage other students who are adamant in public performances. Siam University consistently challenges her students to come out of the closet and generate massive ideas in order to show what they can offer to the society.



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