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Cleaning the Neighborhood- Campaign 2


Siam University in its great sense of cleanliness is devotedly committed to global sustainability efforts and fully supports orderliness by providing recycling bins in the University. Siam University supported this cleaning campaign scheme to be participated by the students. This time the students who participated in the cleaning campaign day 1 of the University neighborhood were effectively deployed to take control of the cleaning campaign day 2 which was carried mostly by students instead of staff. These students partook dedicatedly and diligently. Siam University in its generosity and kind gesture sponsored the campaign and empowered the devoted students to charitably extend their voluntary work by going to remote areas to help and encourage people of those residences to abide by and contribute to the cleaning of the environments.

Due to some bad elements of a dirty environment for our health and as well a threat to our life, we ought to judiciously take good care of the environment. As clutter environment can lead to stress, it is also detrimental to anyone who doesn’t take precautions before harm. The University has taken measures to ensure a cleaned and well-deserved appealing environment. It has also taken bolder steps in enlightening the students to adjust and deviate in any form of impurity or carelessness in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Siam University volunteer cleaning campaign was established mainly for the benefit of the students. This cleaning took part not only in and around the University but, also extended parts of the campus and its neighborhood. A kind demonstration from these volunteered students and, were likewise, encouraged by organizers and the University staff.

With these little impacts into the students, Siam University hopes to produce a prosperous student in the future that will be at the forefront in maintaining a cleaned and organized environment. A Quality that society will ever remain grateful, and hold onto.

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