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Cleaning campaign in neighborhood


Cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s certainly that cleaning is a very necessary chore of maintaining a good and healthy environment. Dirty environment sometimes affects the way in which we live, eat, and behave. Most students cultivate the habit of cleaning starting from their several maternal homes to their various Universities, whilst, a few students don’t subscribe to the fact that an organized environment impacts to their way of life. These students are expected by the University to obtain an education that will oppose to their weedy notion.

Siam University purposely organized this program to encourage teamwork among the staffs and to instill the student a great sense of responsibility and obligation in keeping their environments neat. With these little impacts into the students, SIAM hopes to produce a prosperous student in the future that will be at the forefront in maintaining a cleaned and organized environment.

A properly cleaned environment can make a huge difference in our health, especially in the study environments. Students come from different homes, some from a very cleaned home, whilst others from a very shabby home. Students coming together to study in an institution are all required to maintain a clean environment that will be conducive enough for studies. Clutter environments can also lead to unnecessary stress.

Siam University set out a day for a volunteer cleaning campaign to uproot some of the dirt found in and around the University. This cleaning took part not only in and around the University but, also extended parts of the campus and its neighborhood. A kind demonstration from these volunteers and the President of the University immensely thanked and encouraged the group to keep up with their good deeds. This campaign group of volunteers devoted and wholeheartedly participated hugely in the cleaning and some students was partly involved in this cleaning campaign. 🙂

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