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Christmas and New Year Celeberation 2014


New Year celebrations were always spectacular moments in Thailand as people celebrate and exchange gifts in joyous expectation of the New Year. Siam University family holds no different view of this celebration. The season is most often accompanied with exchange of gifts, hosting of parties and people thronging into the streets in wild celebration.

Siam University family in expectation of the New Year 2015 had organized full blown party to celebrate themselves, their success in the year ending 2014 and to pray for success and the future of the University in the year 2015.

Various faculties across the section of the universities had also time to celebrate with its students and faculty staff members. The celebration was usually accompanied with a lot of eating and drinking and as well as dancing shows.

The University president had on this occasion addressed everyone and had pledged to place the institution’s interests in the fore front before every other thing. He had also hinted on this occasion that the University is mostly concerned with serving the humanity in the best possible ways by promoting best educational ideals in its system.

He had maintained that selfless service to the society was paramount to maintaining a sustainable positive attitude in reforming the society further.

However, the New Year and Christmas party celebrations in Siam University were evergreen in the mind of Siam family. The university thanked and appreciated its staffs and students for their unrivalled contributions during the course of the concluded year 2014.

Life itself is a gift. It was only a privilege for one to be alive and witness the New Year 2015. Hence, the celebrations afford opportunities for individuals to take stock of their lives in the concluded 2014. It had also afforded opportunity for the University to make assessments so as to determine where and how to improve in the coming year.



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