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Cheer Leading activities for Siam University Freshies


Cheer leading activity is a rigorous activity that involves yelling to intense physical activity, dancing, chanting, singing, motivation, and audience entertainment. The routines comprise of certain body gesticulation tumblingdancejumpscheers and stunting in order to direct spectators of events to cheer for teams at games or to participate in cheer leading competitions. Team evaluations are mainly based upon the organized routine and the results are drafted and judged based on both the teams and its cheerleaders’ performances.

One of the purposes of cheer leading activities is to inflict a gingering spirit while supporting the competitive sporting events of participants. The coordinators in cheer leading activities are the cheerleaders who act to incorporated with the students to bring the best support and courage onto the players or participants.

Siam University recently organized cheer leading activities to prepare her students for upcoming sporting competitions with other universities – This will boost the number of the students in the cheer leading activities. SIAM believes that by organizing such activities, community patriotism among her students will be sturdily encouraged.

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