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Campaign for Social Awareness initiated by Siam University


Siam University launched a campaign for social awareness on the 20th of May 2015. The goal of this campaign was to increase our awareness about the choice of our social values. It was also geared towards improving the quality of our social life within the society.

Social awareness is the knowledge of what is acceptable and acting accordingly. It is also being aware of the impending problems of our society and confronting them. It is important that human beings aim at improving their social relationships amongst themselves within their specific environments.

This campaign has become necessary given the various impacts of our social values has on our social life. The various abuses noticed in our human to human interaction, and to the environment in extension will always serve as a proof of human’s poor social awareness. Siam University administration had wisely engaged Students in outdoor sensitization and awareness program to drive this message to the society.

There are so many problems in the society today, but finding the right strategies to confront these problems has been a herculean task. This campaign also came as a caveat to the society against the idea of not acting until social problems confront our environment or us. Awareness will help to stall impending social/environmental problems.

The following are few tips for improving our social awareness

  • Being friendly with people and avoiding unnecessary sentiments that hurt other people’s emotions
  • Being sensitive about people and their environments or background
  • Refusing to engage in aggressive behaviors especially one that damages other people’s reputations
  • The most important tips for social awareness is to imbibe the culture of empathy towards others and being ready to absorb others’ perspectives to one’s own view points
  • Being realistic when interacting with the people by concentrating more on objective viewpoints

These are few important tips that would help shape and subsequently improve our social awareness. Most times, it is never easy to apply all techniques in the interest of improving our social awareness, but continuous practicing of it will surely be of help.

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