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Blood Donation Campaign at Siam University on August 2015


Blood Donation Campaign at Siam University on 27th august 2015.

It is a known fact that the blood is very important part of the human system. This is to say that human beings cannot live without the blood. Its functions are vital and it keeps the immune system healthy. If everybody truly knows how important the body is to the body why would not there be a good number of blood donors? Since we all know that blood gives life. It is obvious that blood is the essence of life and to give selflessly can make you feel more connected to your community and to the world around you.

The University recently had a Blood Donation Campaign, which is an effective way to show concern to the patients. On this recent activity, some students wholeheartedly donated some blood to the “New Blood for the World” organization. This is the vibe of commitment the University is vying for.

Blood transfusion helps save millions of lives. It is stored to help patients suffering from life-threatening health conditions. Sufficient blood is required to help patients. By donating blood, you can help families who have been in accidents, mothers experiencing labor difficulties and also reduce death rates. Today’s research result indicated that millions of patients are in perpetual need for blood to sustain their lives.

The most common source of blood is from voluntary donors— the general public. The need to save more lives is needed. Leave your homes and go to the nearby hospital or health center and save one soul by donating blood.

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