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Blood Donation Campaign at Siam University on 19th May, 2015


In  19th May, 2015, Siam University launched a blood donation campaign. The campaign was to purposefully draw awareness of students that blood donation is one of the ways of rendering their voluntary aid for the sick and hospitalized members of the society.
This campaign was held in the university and it had encouraged Students to contribute their own towards reviving the poor health conditions of the society.
A visitation of hospitals for blood donation was also encouraged during the occasion. Lack of blood in the patients had been the consistent cause of many deaths in the hospitals. Donating blood was therefore encouraged as it would not have any side effect on the donor.
However, this campaign had helped raise the curtains for some students who might be afraid that blood donation has adverse effects on health. Thus, this occasion turned out to be a campaign of health enlightenment for most students who asked useful question on the implications of blood donation to the health of the donor.
There are rather positive effects of blood donation. One of the positive effects is that it stands to prevent accumulation of toxic quantities. It had also been reported that blood donation decreases the risk of heart disease suffered by men.
Hence, it proves that blood donation is itself beneficial to human health. Voluntary blood donation is therefore an act of free will and an act of complete selfless service to humanity.
The donated blood is usually stored in the blood banks where it will be retrieved and given to the patients who may be in need of blood transfusion. Donors are usually screened so as to obtain safe bloods in the interest of the recipient. The donor’s hemoglobin would be tested to make sure that donation does not make the donor subject to anemia.
However, through this campaign, Siam University Family had ceased the opportunity to show concern and affection towards the sick and the needy in the society. Students were encouraged to seek to protect human lives by giving what they can afford. The University had reassured its commitment to the society in saving and prolonging human life. Life is a precious gift and we ought to protect and guard it.

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