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Campaign – “Bike against Drugs” initiated by Siam University


Siam University has organized a charity campaigned for her staff and community with named “Bike against Drugs” on the 28th of September 2015. This was carried by the university staff and some dedicated students from the department of Nursing. School of Medicine is considered one of renowned Faculties in Siam University. The faculty has always been known for its excellence in academics, activities and participating in community services and opened to voluntary tasks.

Siam University organized this special campaign to raise awareness for good health and promote the essence of exercising in the community. It is a free will event opened for anyone who wishes to participate or join. This voracious campaign was opened by the assistant president the dean of school of medicine.

The intention of this campaign is to put across to the mind of the public that public health care is essential for people and quality healthcare should remain a primary concern for the entire human race. However, through this campaign, the staff and the students of Siam University were promoting good health in the society.

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