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Auto Challenge Student Formula 2014


In 2014, The Siam University family hosted ‘the student formula’ event at the Siam sports center. This event was meant to showcase and as well as to compete on innovations and initiatives of students from various engineering departments of different Universities.

The engineering departments in different universities participated in this event. It actually encouraged students to be innovative as visitors were marveled at the level of technological innovation of the students. Siam University students were also represented and had on this occasion presented a formula car used for popular formula 1 sport. The car was constructed by the engineering department of Siam University.

The University had long before this time trained especially the engineering and medical students to be innovative and learn practical skills. The result of the good learning environment created by the university saw the student make giant innovations of constructing a formula 1 car.

Siam University students are reckoned to be positive and eager to learn and become effective Engineers in the future. Siam University is mostly interested in providing students with the knowledge that will enable them to be more practically effective in the society. However, this will aid future graduates of the society a good value in the society. Innovative and initiative are needed to make impact in the already teaming modern technological world.

Comprehensive education should therefore concentrate on theoretical and practical learning. The theory helps the students to communicate what they have learnt. While the practical helps them to put into practice those theories that they read in the text books.

The University most times makes it a responsibility to invite seasoned professionals in the field of engineering.

The University had also hired highly qualified engineers to assist the students in learning. Students learn better when the instructor is particular experienced in such field as Engineering.

However, these efforts by the University paid off as Siam University was chosen to represent Thailand in JSAE competition to be held in Japan, after various competitive display of technological innovation from all attending students of engineering of various universities.


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