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Association of Private Higher Education Institute Meeting


Association of Private Higher Education Institute was founded by a group of private higher institutions of Thailand. This is a body composed of more than 60 private institutions who remain active members of this group. Their aim is to facilitate cooperation amongst private higher institutions. This group boosts several top ranking private institutions in Thailand recognized by Thai ministry of Education.

Association of Private higher education holds its meeting from time to time to discuss on many issues affecting it as a body. The meetings of this Association have been slated to take place every two months. Siam University had hosted this association in the latest edition of its meeting in 2015.

The objective of this meeting was to ensure that member private Universities in its jurisdiction will continue to work in accordance with the body’s set goals. The organization will continue to work together in order to achieve global educational standards required of private institutions in Thailand. Administrative body expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation and participation shown by various member private institutions.

In the previous meetings, the group was updated on educational activities of member private institutions. During these periods, it considered formulating strategic plans for operational and administrative structures of the association.

Most of their discussions during the previous meetings had also considered enhancing Student educational affairs, being the main goal of this association. It reviews the previous structural plans which were developed to improve the quality of educational facilities used for teaching in various subjects.

It is therefore very important that, member Universities maintain the appropriate educational standards for the youth group for sustainable development.

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