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This event was a continuation of ASEAN workshop which lasted for six days. However, it was a special moment on the 5th and 6th day for Participants who had ended the workshop in style. It was really an enlightenment program for all the Participants.

ASEAN workshop was basically carried out in other to give special concentration to core issues concerning ASEAN countries and its integration. Fortunately, ASEAN will be specially making its first major attempt at greater integration in the year 2015.

One of the issues addressed at this workshop had actually centered on ASEAN Economic Community. Of course, one of goals of ASEAN Economic community (AEC) is to promote ASEAN integration through greater economic cooperation. So prioritizing the objective of AEC formed the central point of the workshop

AEC targets four areas that are key to ASEAN integration. Thus, these four areas would constitute a point of departure for AEC Partnership. They include:

  1. Single Market and production base,
  2. highly competitive economic region,
  • Region of equitable economic development, and
  1. Region fully integrated into the global economy.

Stable and Sustainable Economy if ensured by the above four key areas would be able to unlock the potentials of ASEAN countries in other areas. Following from this, AEC would constitute the core of this integration.

Economic enhancement within the region will also have to consider liberalizing trade and free movement of goods and services in and for member AEC countries. Mobility of skilled labor within the region will also be encouraged.

One of the highlights of this workshop was a visit to Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF). The company had hilariously welcomed the workshop team who had taught it wise to embark on excursion to its company.

TUF is a Thai company dedicated in seafood products and expertise. The workshop team had seized the opportunity at this occasion to be enlightened about the company and its products.

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