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Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand was established in 1979, is an incorporated non-profit association founded by a group of private higher education institutions in Thailand to establish and promote cooperation among private higher education institutions in the country. APHEIT is recognized by Ministry of Education (Thailand) as one of the organizations that plays an important role in Thailand’s university administration.

Since its registration in the Ministry of Education (Thailand), it has been quite effective in the education sector in the country. The association normally held meetings monthly to discuss and exchange views on administrative problems in each institution before its recent agreement to rather plan conferences tackling not only the problems facing each institution but to render support and innovation for a better academic advancement in the near future.

Association of Private Higher Education Institutes of Thailand has mainly focused on the academic and learning advancement. The Association believed that by co-joining in consonance with private universities of Thailand will enable them to develop one understanding, and can easily spur innovation in the trail of academic broadness.

Association of Private Higher Education Institutes of Thailand (APHEIT) with its 65 member institutions collided together with the main aim to achieve academic excellence within its allied institutions by recently organizing a conference on:

  • Seminar on Preparation for IQA (CHE New Indicators)
  • Workshop on Teaching/Learning Innovations

Several topics regarding ways of challenging academic advancement were tabled and cautiously presented to tackle the obstacles that involve in the process of academic collaboration and social reconstruction. Topics depicted, including humanities, social sciences, science and technology, engineering, nursing science, education, and economics, and were equally submitted to the executives before presentation. All the vast branches of academic subjects were touched and deliberately discussed during the course of the conference. At the end of the conference, best papers were selected and given an award. Siam University president Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and his accompanied entrustments represented the university proudly.

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