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Ambassador of Hungary


On the 17th of February, 2015, Siam University Ambassador’s Forum received an important dignitary; an August visitor in the person of H.E Dr. Pèter Jakab, Ambassador of Hungary to Thailand. This visit among other things was aimed at educational resource sharing and collaboration between Siam University and other countries.

In this discussion, educational policies could be factored in as one of the major machineries responsible for providing versatile learning qualities between countries who may be interested in collaborating with Siam University and the strategic improvement of student qualities vice versa. Thus, Siam University has more understanding of the need to respond to its international demands one of which is to provide best quality education that would meet international standards.

Exchange student is one of the good policies that enhance students’ ability to improve their learning standards beyond their current environment. Collaboration will therefore offer a systematic response to the yearning of students to learn across cultures and be able to gain more experience of learning in a foreign culture. Improving educational policies will indeed open new ways of learning which will be beneficial. It will give students the opportunity to explore other environments and as well as find new ways of learning.

The aim of this interactive forum was also to brainstorm on the various ways of creating opportunities for students to express themselves in cross-cultural environments.

It will also involve sharing of educational resources between other countries collaborating with Siam University. This resource exchange could range from skill acquisition, instructional materials and other relevant information sharing, aimed at mutual improvement of academic standards.

However, this interactive event has pictured the longstanding ambitions of Siam University to develop and improve its stakes within the country and as well as in overseas.

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