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AEC Quiz Competition


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is a regional body saddled with the responsibility of binding ASEAN Countries economically. It dictates the “Modus operandi” of trade amongst the various countries that constitute ASEAN. AEC was set up with the sole intention of providing a single market and production base so as to ensure equitable economic growth and development in ASEAN countries.

The much talked about role of ASEAN Economic community (AEC) was lightened up though quiz competition organized and participated by students of various Universities. This quiz competition had centered on the role of Pharmacy education as an important facet of AEC.

Pharmacy education is regarded as the center of AEC because of the obvious importance of public health of the society. The revenues that will accrue from healthcare sector will also form an important source of economic growth of AEC.

It was predicted that all Pharmaceutical companies and various production bases of ASEAN countries working at their full capacities will galvanize a single healthcare market for AEC and contribute immensely to its economy.

Thailand of course has been preparing for its major contribution to AEC in healthcare sector. Thailand had developed biopharmaceutical products and medical apparatus so as to minimize its over-reliance on imported products.

The choice of topic from the organizers of this event was thoughtful because of the importance of Pharmacy education to AEC economy. The competition bordered on all aspects of Pharmacy education with regard to its strategic economic contribution towards AEC. The choice of topic for AEC Quiz competition rather exposed Students more about this subject.

The Participating institutions came from the following Universities: Rangsit University, Srinakharinwirot University, Silpakorn University and Siam University. The outstanding Silpakorn University at this event won the prestigious first prize for the quiz competition.

However, the most important aspect which would never be taken away from this exercise was the fact that, every participating Student did so actively and left the venue more enlightened than they had been.

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