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ACD High Level Meeting at Siam University Campus

Bundit Limschoon ACD Secretary General

ACD High Level Meeting was held in Siam University Campus on 23-25 March 2016, appreciating the spirit of collaboration in Innovative and Proactive Universities. 21 Innovative Universities in 19 countries agreed to establish ACD university Network (ACD-UN) in order to promote innovative researches relevant to the new roles of Asia, Mobility of Students and Staffs as well as Student Leadership Institute (ACD SI) to foster the students to become the new generation of Asian Citizen with Social Responsibility. The Research Area networks (ACD-RN) formed in the areas of Innovative Education, Smart Economy, Sustainable Development/Sufficiency Economy, Asian Challenge and Internationalization.

Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit

The Founding Universities of ACD-UN to name a few includes; Siam University, Daffodil University, Ewha Woman’s University, University of Surabaya, University of Santo Thomas, Tokai University, Panjabi University, Asia E university, Payap University, Philippines Normal University, Build Bright University etc. As the conclusion, 21 universities signed the establishment papers and MOU for ACD Secretary General to submit to the ACD Ministerial Meeting in Bangkok in early March 2016.

The next meetings of the coordination committee and ACTS committee will take place in Malaysia and South Korea accordingly. The first ACD Student Leadership Institute will take place at University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines and University of Surabaya in Indonesia respectively.

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