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38 AUAP Executive Board Meeting


AUAP is a short acronym for “Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific.” It is an association that represents registered Universities who agree to come together for a particular purpose; all in the reformation and restructuring of the education system of the incorporated higher institutions and sharing one interest for academic excellence.

AUAP with its intensified lofty goals believe the best approach to achieve its aims are to:

  • Recognizing the need to relate education to the life of the people in a society in lined with culture and economic development;
  • Believing that regional cooperation among Universities can contribute substantially to the improvement of national systems of higher education, and to mutual understanding and respect among people;
  • Believing that an association of the Universities of the region can enhance mutual co-operation among individual institutions to enrich their role in teaching, research and service and thus in promoting justice, human dignity, progress and peace;

Purposes of AUAP to come to an establishment:

  • To be the main platform for interaction and collaboration among members and the voice of Universities in Asia and the Pacific;
  • To promote a culture of quality and innovation in higher education, research and service to the community;
  • To promote peace and international understanding through education;

Siam University as an active member of the AUAP constantly supports her students to devotedly participate in academic programs organized by AUAP. Siam University students also participated actively in the 1st Students English Speech Competition organized by the AUAP. The competition was expected to last at least 2 days starting from July 23-24, 2015. Each participating University can send not more than two-2 students as contestants. This event happens to be the first time the AUAP Secretariat is organizing such activity in order to give an opportunity to the students to showcase their talents in preparing and delivering a prepared speech on a given topic. Universities under the AUAP which are interested were deliberately deployed to participate in the competition.

Siam University president Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit went together with some University staff to render a relentless but, a profound support to the hard working students who devotedly represented Siam University on that day. This competition was to arouse the urge for a better education and a sense of seriousness in academic activities.

During the course of this competition, the President as an executive member had had a brief meeting with other distinguished executives regarding the commitments of the students in such competition and further pointed out the need for such similar activities in the near future. This meeting was organized due to the competition in order to remind the whole AUAP body of the missions which is: To be the main platform for interaction and collaboration among members and the voice of Universities in Asia and the Pacific, and a unique worldwide platform that facilitates the exchange of professional experience through conferences, seminars, publications, and commissions.

Siam University was delighted with the performances of her students, and this platform of learning and interaction will be an area of concentration for Siam University to prepare her students for other future academic competitions that will be organized by AUAP and other Associations of Higher Institution.

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