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2nd New Student Orientation on 17th August 2015


Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit gave an elaborate but incisive power point presentation on this occasion; clearly pointed out the academic direction of Siam University and its mission towards providing practical qualitative education. He mentioned that Siam University’s academic mission is focused on three fronts: employability, diversity and sustainability. These three fronts are fortunately the main pivot of the academic curriculum of Siam University.

In a few words of enlightenment, he further encouraged the newly inducted students to feel at home at Siam University, in other words, that the university had created a home atmosphere for learning that will suit them regardless of their various backgrounds, and offers a high standard system of learning for an assured future.

The students were briefly shown the history of Siam University on a widescreen projection screen in the Siam University convention room. The president gracefully expressed a huge appreciation to the inductees for choosing the right path to their secured future, and equally welcomed them into the University.

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