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2017 Siam University Freshy Day Celebration


Freshy Day 2017

Siam University annual Freshy Day 2017 celebration took place on 16 September in and around campus.  The newly accepted students began preparing for the last two months. They were given the opportunity to show their faculty spirit through song and performances.  Each year, Siam University offers this opportunity to the freshman along with their senior classmates.  The morning began with cheers and chants performed by each faculty of Siam University’s 13 colleges as they paraded around the university.  Next, students proceeded through a series of fun and exciting challenges to show their dedication to their new faculties.  Second, third and fourth year students were present to cheer them.

Performance Competition

As the day progressed each faculty proceeded to the Sports Complex for the next round of competitions, the performances.  Our Siam University President, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, began with officially opening the competition through ceremonial offerings and traditions.  Each faculty was seated in their designated areas while they waited for their opportunity to exhibit their much practiced performances.  Students lined up and there was selected students ask speak about themselves as part of the competition.

While each of the other teams waited their turn, the performance competitions began.  Each group chanted and sang their acts over the next couple hours striving to win over the judges with their performances and engage with the audience.  To sit with all the students truly gave one the fulfilling experience of Siam University spirit.  The students of each performances were stylishly dressed utilizing back drops created together with their fellow classmates, some full of artistic design and others showed their dedication and love for the Kingdom of Thailand.

Upon completion of the performances, the students and audience were treated to a free concert be a local Thai band.  As the audience cheered on, the judges collaborated to decide who the best performing students were in preparation for the awards ceremony.  Upon conclusion of the evening, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and some members of the administration began to call up the groups of students for awards.  Once the awards ceremony was completed, the winning groups stood together proudly for group photos with Siam University’s administration.

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