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19th Education Exhibition at Siam University


On the 26th-28th of November, 2014, Siam University hosted education Exhibition at the University. This was found to be one of the most memorable occasions in the annals of Siam University. Many Universities in Thailand were also in attendance during this occasion.

It was a complete exhibition of intelligence intermixed with talents as Siam University exposed the importance of education to the world. Through this event they had clearly shown how the University was focused in giving the best education to the young prospects of the society.

Education is a vital aspect of human formation. It first starts in the family when a child is born. However, formal education is one of the best instruments to exterminate and eliminate slavery and poverty of the mind. It is one of the important assets young people must acquire in other to build their future for the betterment of the society.

The exhibition had clearly showcased that education has a major influence in changing the way we see things and learn about things in our raw cultural environments. It may not be imaginable in the past that people can build airplanes to make their journey faster, and that people can be saved from a death threatening disease thanks to improved medical equipment. All these owe their existence and innovation to education.

This event was graced by a lot of dignitaries who made various inspiring speeches regarding the need and the importance for a society to embrace the culture of education. However, it is important to embrace education because its benefits ensure sustainability.

The young people represent the future and proper education will be more beneficial to them. One of the needs of education to the society is that it rids it (society) of various ills mostly constituted by sheer ignorance and illiteracy.

The event was all encompassing as it paraded all sorts of talents from academics to sports. All faculties of Siam University were in full attendance as the event showcased more commitment to education and its benefits from the students and the staffs of the university.

There were dancing contests, bicycle riding, and various sporting events on this occasion. This contest was not limited to Siam University, as all the attending Universities also participated in it.

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