Workshop at Siam University on June 24, 2015

Siam University organizes workshops for her professors, lecturers, staffs, and students. This exercise helps to create the best students and enhance the skills of the personnel at the University.

Training of personnel’s takes place every year immediately after the induction of the new students into the University. It is a continuous gathering that never ends insofar as the University functions appropriately. It’s very oblivious that great teachers create great students, and it’s also one of the reasons why Siam University offers training programs for her lecturers and professionals.

In this workshop, Siam University staff and lecturers, including the deans of every each department were seated, while the president of the University Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit in his broad experience in the field of management delivered some crucial points in maintaining the welfare of a prosperous academic institution. He continued by encouraging staffs and  lecturers  in order to become a truly great teacher; one must go beyond the textbook by attending education courses to truly master the practice.

There were certain issues that were raised and deliberated such as addressing weaknesses in the University, improving the quality service, and producing a good number of disciplined and creative students.

The Importance of this workshop is:

  1. To encourage an easy communication among the staff;
  2. To improve staff and lecturers Performance;
  3. To ensure a consistent smooth running of the University;
  4. To develop a leap of more Professionalism among University staff;

Siam University organizes this workshop to ensure the students that her teachers are well-deserved professors and professional enough to prepare them for a better future.

This workshop is believed to enhance the skills, capabilities and knowledge of the teachers and the staff for carrying their duty effectively. The continued education and training of teachers through professional development programs display the University support of seeing her staff and lecturers grow professionally and become an even more valued in line with the University settings.

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