Health Awareness Seminar at Siam University

A seminar termed “Health awareness” was held on the 28th of May 2015 at Siam University. It was organized by faculty of Pharmacy, Siam University in a bid to commemorate and join the world in the campaign against smoking, which was normally fixed on the 31st of May every year in the world calendar.

However, the faculty of pharmacy apprehended this opportunity to educate students on the health hazards associated with smoking. They advised people especially those who are addicted to smoking to quit as this has ominous health hazards.

Some individuals within the faculty of pharmacy who have good knowledge of the side effects of cigarette were invited to lecture the participants during this seminar. The seminar was used to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of smoking and its negative effects on human health.

The seminar highlighted that smoking is a major threat to human body. It compromises the immune system and smokers are highly likely to have a respiratory problem. Hence, this could lead to a heart attack, chest pain, high blood pressure and coronary heart diseases and in fact damages the heart.

There is further relationship between smoking and decreased bone density. This increases the likelihood of an occurrence called “osteoporosis” which is a condition where bones weaken and begin to fracture. By quitting smoking, one reduces the effect of bone weakening and eventual fracture.

Students during this event, distributed stickers, pamphlets and photos to people in and around the area of the seminar. The stickers and the pamphlets were made to enlighten the public about dangerous effects of smoking, and urging people to quit smoking.

Free health check-up exercise was conducted for lecturers and students of the faculty. This medical check-up exercise was done free of charge for lecturers and students within and outside the faculty of pharmacy.

This activity was enlivened by the faculty of pharmacy who organized games to commemorate this exercise. There was also a gift awarded to winners after this gaming exercise.

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