Grand Opening of ‘ESIT’ with Secretary General of OHEC

On May 22, 2015 Siam University hosted a grand opening celebration with Elite Study, Taiwan. This event had taken place as a result of the longstanding cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand through Elite study. The headquarters of Elite Study is in Chung Yuan University, Taiwan. It is as a result of this mutual cooperation schemes and opportunities have been opened  for merit Thai Students and University staffs. This development has further strengthened the relationship between Taiwan and Thailand.

This event was coordinated by Dr. Pinity who is currently the Secretary General of Higher Education Commission in Thailand (OHEC). Elite study in Taiwan is a group that is committed to the course of higher education inside and outside Taiwan. It was highlighted during the grand opening ceremony of ESIT that, the group has already provided about 600 scholarships to Thai University faculties within five years. It was also emphasized that ESIT would be granting both full and half scholarships to Thai students and staffs of the universities based on merit.

The benefits of ESIT scholarship for Thai students and staffs enumerated as follows:

  • The scholarship scheme offered by ESIT will provide opportunities for Thai students and staffs to further their education through Masters and PhD levels.
  • Another benefit is that it will further encourage the students to embrace competitive learning in order to benefit from this scholarship scheme.
  • ESIT Scholarship will provide financial assistance to Students and will aid to offload the financial burden of Thai students thus enabling them to focus on their education career.
  • It will enhance knowledge sharing between Thai students and staffs and their host countries while living and studying abroad. So in essence, it gives them more experience and enables them to achieve cross-cultural knowledge sharing.

The President of Siam University, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit who made a speech during this occasion, was very enchanted at this scholarship scheme. He said the scholarship scheme will not only provide opportunities for Siam University students but it will also reaffirm the friendship and solidarity among member Universities and institutions of Elite Study.

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