Easy Finance Talk Series 2015

On the 18th of April 2015, Siam University organized a colloquium, which was tagged “Easy finance Talk Series 2015”. This program had centered on the talk about financial market in Thailand, especially investment savings and analysis of stock markets.

The participants of this event include students of Business, the student Auditor of MBA department and some of the Lecturers in Business School. This program highlights University administration’s intention at strategic improvement of students particularly those studying in Business schools, gaining direct knowledge from experienced professionals.

Siam University had invited the Managing Director of Apple Wealth Securities in Thailand as a guest speaker of this colloquium. The guest speaker exhibited professionalism and experience on the topic Easy Finance. He made analyses about investment, thus citing various ways people can sustain their income through proper savings and investment. The participants during the program were taught about stock markets and investment savings.

One of the issues that were stressed during this colloquium was about stock investment. Stock market was discovered an effective way of investment. In the modern times, there are so many ways people choose to spend their incomes. Some people might choose to buy expensive holidays, remodel their houses or buy new cars; however, it is always a great idea to put ones money to work for him or her by investing in stock market.

Investing in stock market benefits the investor in an unusual way. It assists individuals in planning for future economic challenges in their life, which includes retirement, and training of their children in education.

When an individual saves part of his income, he or she is deliberately saving for the future. Saving is a great way of storing money safely and putting it away for future emergencies or short-term goals.

Participants of this colloquium were therefore encouraged to invest their incomes, make savings and buy stocks as these will guarantee their future to some extent and eschew unnecessary fears of bankruptcy.

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