Quality Assurance Seminar at Siam University

Siam University on 25th of March 2015 hosted a seminar tagged “quality Assurance Seminar”. This Seminar which was held in the 19th building of Siam University involved Thai Ministry of Higher Education and staffs across various departments of Siam University. Quality assurance seminar will be a process of proper checkmating of the level of implementation of educational policies as previously set out by the Ministry.

The seminar highlighted the need for Universities to shore up the glitches noticed in its educational policy implementation. Compliance from various Universities towards this demand would invariably lead to sustainability, effectiveness and top quality education in the sector.

This is a commendable feat by the Ministry because it has shown that it is working assiduously in ensuring that Universities are complying by its regulations. It will also help the universities to spot the areas they will be needed to step up in its policy implementation.

Most Educational Policies set out by the Ministry was targeted at establishing credible platforms which can serve as a basis for Thai Higher Education system. This Platform will set out new rules that will govern the University Education System, while it would at the same time solidify the existing rules and policies for effective implementation. It will also highlight various areas where the universities need to refocus on, in other to ensure sustainable development in the system.

The forum would also be able to discover various strategies and patterns in making structural plans to develop and foster sustainable educational policies that will be of immense and direct benefit to the students and the society at large.

On the other hand, Policy Regulations should also reflect the education that best suits the modern technological age and must address the needs of the students and the society at all times. It is an imperative to ensure that sustainability in educational system is seen as a priority.

Thus, it is very important that universities meet up with these requirements. It is indeed a great challenge for Universities to produce individuals that can match to the taste of the modern society. Hence, Quality Assurance Seminar is therefore besieged with an onerous task of setting up reforms and ensuring that the regulations of Thai educational system are vigorously implemented.

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