Cheer leading Competition

These aesthetic photos of the beautiful cultural dance competition event from Siam University Students took place at a time just after the Memorandum of understanding between Siam University and its Sister University; Ming Chuan University had been signed.

The event was partly organized to showcase the versatile nature of the University in terms of promoting the rich cultural heritage of Thai people. Siam University in this way had also expressed its instinct for diversity in structuring its educational system. The event took place at different locations for both sister Universities.

It should also be noted that the university is exhibiting one of the most basic aspects of human life which will have a downstream effect of facilitating human formation and education within the ambient of culture.

The exquisitely aesthetic aspect of Thai culture has a charming aspect which entails that deeper aspects of Thai society are filled with inner beauty, which is showcased through outward expression. It also meant that the outer Serenity, aesthetes and organization postulated by external cultural dance competition events should also precipitate its complete inner awareness in other to replicate similar effects internally.

One of the vital aspects of such cultural showcasing as this, is the emotional touch expressed and attached when culture is expressed. Thus, one can see from the emotion-laden pictures that culture is all about life. Hence, the student performers juxtaposing their emotions and deeper feelings with their expressions can only but depict a value that Thais associate with their culture. Its external showcasing in a competitive level only meant that one group could represent it in a better form than another group.

Notably also, culture may not have started with documentation of words, it only began when the raw actions of people depict their belief about their environment and society. The nature of Siam University cultural dance competition as showcased is very much informative. Its showcasing is capable of passing myriads of information at a glance which unfortunately may not be exactly grasped when it is read in books and articles. This is one of the beauties of this competition when people can see through the eyes of dancers, their beautifully crafted costumes and their emotional expressions, and be able to translate and read through them certain meanings that project the beauty of human society. Such meanings may also provide guidelines to people’s life in general.

In recognition of the above feelings, it should be clearly stated that education should start from cultural exposition and integration. To be aware of the ones basic principle of life is to be aware of ones root as an individual. It aids the individual in his personal discovery of life and the way the society is structured.

Hence, this cultural dance competition as performed by Siam University students indeed informs us and as well exposes us to the belief that education is not limited to classroom activities. However, it entails that education should be structured to be holistic in other to benefit and influence the society in the best possible way.

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